Bassler & Co. has proven to be an excellent resource for both business and personal needs. Our company is small, but sometimes our needs are enormous. Bassler has always promptly and efficiently satisfied them. We recently relocated our offices and at the last minute ran into a snag with the insurance requirements for our new building. Our furnishings and equipment were literally loaded up on the moving van when the new building management called, and said our existing policy wasn’t sufficient for occupancy in the building, and they would not allow us to unload our furnishings until it was revised.  We immediately called Bassler, and they immediately resolved the problem with building management. That has always been our experience with Bassler. We call, they immediately respond. We need input for employee medical plans or worker’s comp packages, they provide options and solutions. They are knowledgeable and resourceful and the staff always makes us feel our concern is singularly their most important concern. We have worked with them for 12 years, and it’s been fiscally advantageous to us as well as pleasant. Our CEO uses them also for his personal needs. They provide coverage for his homes, his cars, his children’s cars, and are on his speed dial for whenever problems arise or for advice on how to best avoid them. Bassler & Co. is a one stop shop and we are exceedingly glad we made the stop.